Into the ashes and rubble of the destroyed Twin Towers descended a new version of the American superhero. The first responders and alongside them ordinary Americans with fearless hearts. That is where our story begins... with the unsung heroes.

Our documentary weaves together the stories of ordinary Americans that exemplify an altruistic spirit of courage, loyalty, bravery and dedication to the country that they love.

One World Trade Center now stands on the former Ground Zero site. As the country mended and healed itself after this tragedy so too did the American spirit. Like the rise of One World Trade Center, which now stands above the skyline like a pillar of strength emblematic of the enduring American spirit.

In a land where freedom is one of its most cherished values, we look deeper into the heroes around us every day. From the men and women in service, the police, firemen and EMT’s; to the dedicated organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project. Likewise our national sports heroes that quietly did their part to help in the aftermath.

Our film is a story about freedom, love, and belief in this great country and the enduring American spirit. Like a modern day fairytale "America's Unsung Heroes" will win over your hearts.

In conjunction with the release of the film, we are building a social media community at so we can share our stories, photos, and videos and celebrate the unsung heroes in all of our lives.

Join us in celebrating the unsung heroes in our midst that go without commendation or recognition.

God Bless the United States of America and the Unsung Heroes among us.