dog tag medallion

Fifteen years after the destruction of the Twin Towers, and the subsequent rise of One World Trade Center, we have created this iconic symbol to commemorate the rise of the American spirit.

This is a Piece of Freedom.

The outside box represents a piece of rusted steel and a steel girder from 911. The inner box holds the medallion and a booklet explaining the rise of One World Trade Center, the story of America's unsung heroes: a film about 911, and some accolades about the first responders.

Together with John Crozak, we designed this medallion which we call "A Piece of Freedom”. The darkness represents the destruction and the ashes from 911. The light around the edges is mankind rising up through the darkness. With the help of the iron workers, we were able to get some steel from the new One World Trade Center at Ground Zero. The steel on the medallion is made from the same steel that now stands proudly as One World Trade Center and represents mankind rising up as a race. A triumph of the American people. On the backside of the medallion it says “God bless America's heroes”. With the Knights Templar cross in the middle. The oldest cross of Jesus Christ. Each medallion is handmade by a craftsman.